Create engaging classroom experiences that are focused on outcomes

Join the growing community of educators using Taut to engage students in classrooms, collaborate with colleagues, and connect with parents.

A classroom communication app Taut's header image showing different features like video call and chat

Classroom discussions

Structure your community and classroom talks in topics and send private messages. Private messages can be controlled by school admin.

Manage assignments

Create, assign, and give feedback to different kinds of student work — text, video, photo, whiteboard drawing, and more.

Live classes with whiteboard

Start live classes, create breakout rooms, and use Taut whiteboard when explaining concepts. It's perfect for remote and hybrid learning.

Give voice to your community

Start an audio conference with parents or colleagues, participate in classroom audio chats and discussions, or let students run school radio.

Storage study materials

Upload or create study materials or other documents for students, teachers, and parents. Then, make them private or share them with the whole Taut community.

In-person learning tools

Use Taut teacher tools to engage and work with students inside the classroom. Whiteboard, timer, random student selector, video streaming, QR-reader, and much more is available to use for every teacher.

Focus on teaching, not technology

Taut combines all of the essential tools for modern classrooms — communication, whiteboard, assignments, materials, school radio, and much more. It means less time spent struggling with learning and setting up different apps, and more time for teaching and learning.

Built for education

Making remote, hybrid, and in classroom communication easier for educators is in the core of what we do. Taut gives all the necessary features for teachers and schools to prepare their students for college and and workspace leadership.

Image of five students in the school

Give your students a voice

Students are engaged when they learn together and can voice their opinions. Taut empowers you to help them share ideas, start discussions in classrooms or on the school radio, and experience a digital classroom environment in a beautiful, easy-to-use application.

First testimonial author portrait

“Taut makes conversations with students easy and brings the whole community together.”

Andrew Parker

Assistant Principal
Second testimonial author portrait

“Taut message translation helps me effortlessly communicate with non-native-speaking parents.”

Andrea O'Leary

ESL Teacher